Lice Removal “Don’t fear lice removal is here!”

Got lice don't panic..... KidStyles specializes in Lice Removal. The Lice Removal takes place in our private room located in the back of the Salon, done by our professionally trained Hairstylist. We use all natural, non-toxic products that are 100% effective and safe to use repeatedly. All Lice Removal products are sold in our Salon, so you can keep that nasty lice away!


  • Fairy Tales Lice Removal Products:
  • Fairy Tales Goodbye Natural Lice Treatment
  • Fairy Tales Rosemary Reper Hair Spray
  • Fairy Tales Sleep - Tite Non - Toxic Bed Bug Eliminator Spray (Kills bed bugs and eggs instantly)
  • Fairy Tales All Natural Bug Repellent Spray
  • Fairy Tales Terminator Nit-Free Comb ( Removes all head lice, nits, and eggs safely)
  • KidStyles Cool Rush & Cool Down Shampoo & Conditioner contains Tea Tree oil, which can help prevent lice.

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